List of Online PHP Codepads

Yes, there are some. Looking for a PHP version? I was looking for a PHP 5.1 codepad (run PHP code online for test purposes), but was not able to. I remember there was one, but I have not found it.

Here is the list I came up so far before you need to click through hundreds of search results:

Codepad PHP Version(s) Note PHP 4.4.9 Legacy needs? PHP 5.2.5 Many languages, good history PHP 5.2.12 (pl0-gentoo) Many langauges, good history PHP 5.2.17 Not very accessible (ide) PHP 5.3.1 Not suitable for quick testing PHP 5.3.2 Not very accessible PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4 + trunk A PHP coders paradise 70+ different PHP versions! Compat checking needed?

The test I did run was a simple <?php echo PHP_VERSION; , the codepads differ what they support, sometimes they are down.

See as well/Links

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4 Responses to List of Online PHP Codepads

  1. Alex says:

    Great, thks for theses tools. I update the article :
    Top 10 tools for Online Programming Codepad/Environment :

    the blog is automatically translated into English … 😉

  2. Silver says: (PHP version 5.4.4-1~precise+1)

  3. Alien says: has PHP version 4.4.9 and 5.4.15

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