FallbackResource /index.php

No more need for mod_rewrite, Apache 2.2.16, Docs.

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5 Responses to FallbackResource

  1. I used ErrorDocument 404 /index.php in cases where mod_rewrite was not accessible. Not much difference.

  2. AskApache says:

    Nice idea. The errordocument directive Thomas mentioned is good too, but this is better.

    • hakre says:

      I can see that the bugreport does not show all the important configuraiton information that can play a role. So actually that bug report is worth to mention (apart from being related) because it is a bad example of a bug-report, most technical information is missing.

      So I can only assume which is not good for longer debugging sessions.

      Maybe this is like the “No input file specified” behaviour? If the Apache handler (for the PHP) kicks in before the fallback directive comes into action you might experience the same. But that’s just a guess, that bug-report would need more technical information to say more, e.g. how PHP is configured in Apache and such stuff.

      • Adam Monsen says:

        That’s a good guess. I bet PHP configuration is conflicting somehow. Mine (on Ubuntu) uses a FileMatch directive to set the mime time for any .php files to application/x-httpd-php, but on a prod system I might just restrict the PHP handler further.

        More detail might be useful, but I was able to easily reproduce the behavior described in the bug.

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