Title belongs into Head

Whatever type of website you create, take care you put the <title> on top of the <head> (add this to your quality-control checklist).

As most web-browser don’t support to copy the title-line easily (I guess that’s because of how in-accessible winwdows UIs still are), CTRL+U should bring that important part of your website pretty on top.

And while we’re at it, I often wonder why it’s not possible for the browser’s form file/upload fields to select the clipboard content and on the other side the download-dialog don’t offer to download to clipboard. Maybe that’s something desktop browser should have in the pocket.

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1 Response to Title belongs into Head

  1. pce says:


    @file/upload fields to select the clipboard content
    HTML5 allows Reading files (and Blobs), beneath using drag and drop for selecting,
    you could hack something with the File API, maybe :

    since i got the basic idea of Clipboard API with File API,
    i googled a bit:


    And Firefox comes with a rich nsIClipboard : https://developer.mozilla.org/en/nsIClipboard

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