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Web Framework Manifesto (republished from 2006)

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static considered harmful and Why Singletons have no use in PHP.

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Broadway – GTK+ Applications within your Browser

Broadway is a backend for GTK+ 3 which targets HTML 5 compatible browsers (renders in a browser). This is experimental, but looks really nice. I like the Idea, chapeau!: Read On: Broadway update 3 (by Alexander Larsson; 18 Apr 2011); … Continue reading

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Architecture the Lost Years (Robert Cecil Martin; 4 Nov 2011)

Did worldwide Hypertext turned software developers out in the field upside-down? In Architecture the Lost Years (1h 06m) Robert C. Martin talks about the web and how it influenced development design decisions in the last decade(s). Is the system the … Continue reading

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Using References to Improve Performance in PHP

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Richardson Maturity Model: steps toward the glory of REST, also HATEOAS.

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FYI: The WordPress 3.3 XSS vulnerability has been addressed in a changeset on 30 Dec 2011, wordpress 3.3.1 has just been released. (3.3.1 changes/Announcement).

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phptags – tidies up tags in PHP scripts and guards whitespace

Just stumbled over another PHP related tool today, which I think is worth the link: phptags is a simple commandline tool to tidy up open and close tags in PHP scripts. It can rewrite close tags, and strip leading or … Continue reading

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