Architecture the Lost Years (Robert Cecil Martin; 4 Nov 2011)

Did worldwide Hypertext turned software developers out in the field upside-down? In Architecture the Lost Years (1h 06m) Robert C. Martin talks about the web and how it influenced development design decisions in the last decade(s).

Is the system the application runs on more agile than the application developer? Are you still in control? – A very enjoyable talk (as the shaky handy-cam finally comes into picture in picture mode) about software development in times of the HTTP interface, Browser GUIs, Free Software (database) servers and TDD with a decent focus on architecture. Held on Ruby Midwest 2011 (only very limited knowledge about Ruby is required to understand the talk, it’s more that you’ve ever encountered a web-application-framework of some kind the sooner or later and you want to learn about software development).


The additional video Robert C. Martin – Clean Architecture (57m) is a follow-up to Architecture the Lost Years:

Does the architecture of your application tell you the intent of the application, or does it just tell you what frameworks you’ve used. A good architecture screams about the intent of the application and hides the frameworks. In this talk, Uncle Bob talks about the lost years of architecture, about how the web is just a detail, and about the best kind of architecture to use for your applications.

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