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CSS Selector to XPath conversion

While playing with a parser experiment that fully supports the CSS selectors syntax and the discovery of the Selectors API I started to think about the transformation from CSS selectors to XPath. Sure I’m not the only one, so I … Continue reading

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PHPStorm: WI-10191 PHPStorm commits w/o asking first when sharing repository on Github

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PHPStorm: WI-10189 Help topic “reference.toolwindows.event.log” not found

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PHPStorm: WI-10186 Add Intention flip key and value (foreach $key => $value to $value => $key)

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CSS character escape sequences, more on the CSS3 selector syntax (STTS 3 Profile Specification) at W3C.

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htmlspecialchars() improvements in PHP 5.4; the PHP default_charset is here. Input has left untouched so far, first assumable is output encoding will lead to input encoding. But can’t resolve the general dilemma of unknown input encoding for your webapp. See … Continue reading

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XML_Query2XML – Turn SQL into XML, PDO support. XML_Query2XML allows you to transform the records retrieved with one or more SQL SELECT queries into XML data. Very simple to highly complex transformations are supported. Is was written with performance in … Continue reading

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