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Where is your Vision Jeff?

In the The PHP Singularity no-one less than Jeff Atwood tried to put something on the Meta-Level I was yet not able to properly grasp. Some point he makes is clear to me, he does not want to do “Yet … Continue reading

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jQuery afterText Plugin

jQuery has a hard time dealing with text after something you’ve selected. But now it’s easy thanks to the jQuery afterText Plugin. Just change the text after something with the afterText() function: The difference to after(text) is that afterText(text) replaces … Continue reading

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The true power of regular expressions

The true power of regular expressions is a very well written article by NikiC about PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) and formal language theory (the diverse types in the Chomsky hierarchy of languages). It’s really good to read and gives … Continue reading

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PHP MVC with Tom Butler

In the PHP chat a link got passed around (see “Deploying MVC on the web” below) and I thought it’s worth to link the multiple MVC related articles by Tom Butler. He is one of those persons who actually leave … Continue reading

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The “Missing” Patterns of the PHP Manual

Gladly some pattern code has been removed from the PHP Manual. Not so gladly, it’s just gone, including user comments. The not so good part of the story is, that the two patterns that were given in the manual page … Continue reading

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The Daily Mistake: Not to Proxy Remote Services

“Just gimme a min, I glue that HTTP based remote service in.” – Whether the standard file_get_contents + Json *bam* or complete SOAP, a developer should have the time to wrap each (remote) data-source inside it’s own interface that is … Continue reading

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Hidden Features of PHP – Ilia Alshanetsky

Ilia put the slides of his talk on 06 Jun 2012 in Toronto named “Hidden Features of PHP” online. He lists features, functions and extensions he thinks are hidden gems and shows examples of them. Slides are available at http://ilia.wsContinue reading

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Kiss my tanned little ass. – Tanned Collection Part 2

Tanned Collection Part 2: Too Tanned for Oven Pizza ref I’m too Tanned for CV on dups ref I’m too Tanned to pass Unit Tests ref Hey Bro, if you were this tan your code wouldn’t throw Exceptions ref Previously: … Continue reading

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