Where is your Vision Jeff?

Jeff Atwood’s PHP addiction has put him into critical state.

Jeff Atwood’s PHP addiction has put him into critical state.

In the The PHP Singularity no-one less than Jeff Atwood tried to put something on the Meta-Level I was yet not able to properly grasp.

Some point he makes is clear to me, he does not want to do “Yet Another Epic Critique of PHP” which implies he does not see much use doing so.

The chance to reform has passed.

PHP, as a tool, is broken, defect, wrong.

But unsurprisingly he suggests to create alternatives to PHP that are: Like the good parts of PHP without the bad parts – a rather profane conclusion. An alternative is an alternative. Well done Jeff, but I prefer:

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Jeff, you write you see a pattern over the years. But that’s all. Where is your Vision?

You come close your own to what you criticized. You just wrote another rant about PHP by ranting about that you should not rant about PHP but do something better else.

Sounds like some standard evolutionary thing, nothing revolutionary. Sounds like a reform, compromises. Those compromises everybody is tired of.

Was that all? Did those three letters P H P made you loose your spirit?

If you want to reach new developers, what about promoting – say – Python in schools, educate using Free Software in classrooms?

What is your Vision Jeff?

“.. this is brand new software, and although we’ve worked hard over the last 8 months” ref

This is eight months later than this post and Jeff Atwoods new baby Discourse has been beta-released.


Edit 03 Jul ’12: Online stalking Jeff could have revealed the following picture:

The Project. pic.twitter.com/cAM5A7Qo


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2 Responses to Where is your Vision Jeff?

  1. unicrontab says:

    PHP, as a tool, is broken, defect, wrong.
    Despite these fundamental flaws, it works.
    And a lot of people just cannot forgive PHP for that 🙂

  2. exactly brother.. i follow those articles in codding horror.. they are inspiring and we can see a passionate programmer who speaks something about what he loves most.. But seriously, i just skip the lines when he starts to speak about php. and its funny reading all those comments below that singularity post. 🙂

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