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Historic PHP End Of Life Dates

This post is just for reference and probably useful for software archeology. It’s always hard to pick out the news links, so I just created my own listing ordered by date (which I might extend in the future, but this … Continue reading

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SaaS Threatens Open Source (by William Judd; 28 Jan 2011) – About AGPL, GPL and Cloud Computing.

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Choosing an ORM strategy (by Jimmy Bogard; 20 Jul 2012)

Posted on by hakre | Leave a comment – Relaunch with symfony2, Assetic, Varnish and Twig (by Andreas Streichardt; 16 Mar 2012) – See also case study on Symfony_live 2012 Paris held by Gaylord Aulke (held 7 Jun 2012).

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Using the SPDX License List for Tagging and Linking

The Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX™) specification is a standard format for communicating the components, licenses and copyrights associated with a software package. Their website has a lot of detailed information about the specs, format and tools itself. But in … Continue reading

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The Secure Programmer’s Pledge (by Anthony Ferrara; 16 Jul 2012)

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What PHP 5.5 might look like (by Nikita Popov; 10 Jul 2012)

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Ellislab, you’re doing it wrong

The following is part of a mail that’s circulating to authors and copyright holders of contributions to the Codeigniter software: If you are able to certify your prior contributions to CodeIgniter and wish to leave them, no reply is required … Continue reading

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