Historic PHP End Of Life Dates

This post is just for reference and probably useful for software archeology. It’s always hard to pick out the news links, so I just created my own listing ordered by date (which I might extend in the future, but this is more or less about older PHP versions like 5.2, 5.1 and some even older landmarks when obsoletion information about aspecific version was missing and some fun-facts):

Version Date Subject Source
Current 2011-06-28 Change of Procedure Vote
PHP 5.2 2010-12-16 End Of Support News
PHP 5.2 2010-07-22 End Of Active Support News
PHP 5.3 2009-06-30 Released News
PHP 4 2007-12-31 End Of Life News
PHP 5.1 2006-11-02 Obsoletion News
PHP 5.2 2006-11-02 Released News
PHP 5.1 2005-11-24 Released News
PHP 4.4 2005-07-11 Released Changelog
PHP 1.0 2005-06-08 10 Years News
PHP 5.0 2004-07-13 Released News

There is a Request for Comments: Release Process for those interested which kind of formalisation has been thought of. The following is a wording similar to on Wikipedia:

On 28. June 2011, the PHP Group began to follow a timeline for when new versions of PHP will be released. Under this timeline, at least one release should occur every month. Once per year, a minor release should occur which can include new features.

Every minor release should at least have 2 years of security and bug fixes, followed by at least 1 year of only security fixes, for a total of a 3 year release process for every minor release. No new features (unless small and self contained) will be introduced into a minor release during the 3 year release process.

So all of the dates given in the table above are not governed by that but show the historical way of getting things done.

I have not tracked any potential violations of that new procedure so I can not say at all if and how PHP releases since 2011-06-28 are in compliance with the RFC. However I placed the date of when the vote become binding on top.

Read On: Wikipedia has a fairly complete PHP Release History Table as well.

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1 Response to Historic PHP End Of Life Dates

  1. hakre says:

    After this has been published and some discussion raised in the PHP internals list, a page with PHP end of life dates has been published on PHP.net’s website: http://php.net/eol.php

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