Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code

Nginx plus WP equals big loveJust a small link to the blog-post Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code which describes a concept on how to cache most-frequently pages of a webapp via an nginx reverse proxy for a rel. short time-frame only (exemplary: 1 second).

That caching then is coined Microcaching. Has some drawbacks, but a nice addition to the pool of articles about Nginx front-end proxy cache for WordPress.

A prominent WordPress user adds:

I worked in a test for WordPress customization cookies:

if ( $http_cookie ~* "comment_author_|wordpress_(?!test_cookie)|wp-postpass_" ) {

And then I used proxy_cache_min_uses (set it to 3) to cut down on cache writes. Having every qualified GET request do a cache write is excessive — I just want it to cache stuff that’s getting hit more.
This setup is kind of similar to what the Batcache plugin does (trigger-based short-tern caching), except much faster, because it happens in the nginx layer.

The original author earlier highlighted to use a FCGI caching instead of the http proxy cache so save some more rounds.

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