Just found a nice PDF (Kudo @jens-erat /via) about XPath worth to share the link along:

Xpath PDF – Lecture: XML Technologies Winter 2012/13 – Dr. Christian Grün

Google PDF Preview shorturl in case your browser does not like to open it (my Google Chrome had a hickup with it, Curl/Opera is fine): http://goo.gl/nqYTZ

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4 Responses to XPath – Lecture: XML Technologies (PDF)

  1. You can’t deny it’s an academic paper. I couldn’t understand a word…

    • hakre says:

      It’s a lecture used in University Karlsruhe, yes. I find it exceptional well done, that is why I linked. I also stumbled over Using XPath with PHP on IBM Developerworks, this is probably more in the direction what you like, it’s less complete and more about practical examples. What is your expertise with Xpath if I may ask?

      • My expertise is almost non-existent.

        BTW, it was not my intention to demerit anyone’s work. I could hardly follow academic language when I was still at university 🙂

        • hakre says:

          Well, you’re not alone I’d say. However, you know, as you talk about that, what I had real problems in the first place to understand? That’s the Xpath 1.0 spec on W3C. Too many new concepts and technical (academic?) description at once for my understanding. I always needed examples. What I like with the PDF is, that it got examples for many things and that it asks some questions as well. But sure, there are different tastes.

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