PSF: Python trademark at risk in Europe: We need your help!



Please spread the word and help: Python trademark at risk in Europe: We need your help! – it’s easy to fight trademark issues if there is clear evidence – by many of us – what the name means for you or your company. Because trademark can’t top real-life ;). But it’s some legal hassle, so your support is needed.

It’s generally a pity to see Python confronted with that trademark issue. I mean you can’t internet much w/o python and than a hosting company tries to grab it, this is disgusting and just a provocation.

Short Python Timeline

Date Subject
Dec 1989 Implementation started [ref]
20 Feb 1991 python 0.9.0 released to alt.sources (first public release) [ref]
26 Jan 1994 python 1.0.0 released
1 Nov 1994 First International Python Conference [ref]
27 Mar 1995 registered
29 Oct 1997 registered
20 Feb 2001 Python Software Foundatation founded (Delaware Nonprofit 3359300) [ref]
23 Mar 2004 Python Word Mark registered (76044902) [ref] [ref]
30 Apr 2012 Trade mark EU010848208 filed [ref]
17 Aug 2012 Opposition against Community trade mark 010848208 filed by PSF’s counsellore in London/UK

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