Ircmaxell’s Rambling On Internals

Ircmaxell’s Rambling On Internals raises a very important point about the use of RFCs in the PHP community and the problem they have been introduced as a tool to only negotiate – not solve – the problems of the PHP Internals list.

His arguments are as always pretty weighted and need more voice, so read and spread the word. He has my support and it’s a loss for PHP and Internals as a whole should stop sitting on their legs.

I’m not so good with arguing, so I prefer to share my opinion because that is the least I can do to not let this pass unnoticed (which would be an even bigger mistake):

In my personal opinion Pierre and Stas suck most (now I said it). And that is my personal opinion. Pierre weights harder because I’ve met him in person and he has a split tongue, all he feared in that discussion was totally untrue and never happened. All he promised to do otherwise didn’t happen either. So only hot air for nothing, just for the sake of influencing others for technical arguments – not reality. Ircmaxell on the other hand not only explains he is also a do-er.

From Stas I’m just getting ill by reading that much text only because he has the time to write so many emails whole day long. I wish he would go down with us in the swamps of the PHP tag on Stackoverflow, perhaps that will envision him. It would be a benefit for the PHP community as a whole and he wouldn’t have so much time writing emails in Internals. Now that’s a productive suggestion I’d say.

I know it’s hard to run a project, especially for years and with a big userbase. But seeing Ircmaxell leaving with no further action from the Internals community itself is not excused by that.

Just my 2 cents, share yours.

See as well: I don’t understand PHP beaurocracy but I do understand Anthony Ferrara!.

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