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Docker Run without “docker run”

So there was this one question on Stackoverflow in which the OP was linking an .htaccess tester for Mod-Rewrite-Rules. Despite this being all fine I was asking myself what about really(tm) testing this? So I remembered the rewrite-log from the … Continue reading

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Serialization of double values in PHP 4 and PHP 5

If you want to save space in your serialized data of floating point numbers in PHP, consider to use PHP 4. Naturally that is a joke :), I just note it down here because while taking a closer look on … Continue reading

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Prevent XSS on your wordpress Blog with CSP

CSP – short for Content Security Policy – is a Mozilla driven specification to reduce or eliminate a site’s XSS attack surface. In Ticket #10237 Denis De Bernardy suggested to implement the new Mozilla feature to prevent XSS. That was … Continue reading

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The short memory of security

For the wordpress project it’s said: If you find a bug, report it. That’s the same if it is security related. For those who feel – for whatever reason – uncomfortable to publicize it in trac directly, can shoot an … Continue reading

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Relative URL HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Another one for the HTML/ XHTML Code Smells: If you’re using realtive URLs inside your documents (which is pretty valid and can save you some bandwidth as well as it can save some hassles for mirroring a website) you should … Continue reading

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Cross-Plattform interoperability of the Test Suite

Closer to get it going: The wordpress test suite just got a patch to better support windows and some other systems. The next thing to do is to actually fix those tests that use functions which just die. Calling die() while … Continue reading

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