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New Kids on the Blockwart: Matt Mullenweg

Of questionable attitude: According to disclosed information by Ben Hook a.k.a WPBlogger, back in July 2010 Matthew Mullenweg contacted the critics employee and tried to exploit the work relationship to put pressure on him. In the now published email conversation, … Continue reading


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Patrick Swayze died one year ago

Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (1987) Awards: 1991 People’s Sexiest Man Alive Preceded by: Tom Cruise Succeeded by: Nick Nolte LIFE – Remembering Patrick Swayze

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Mr. Damien Katz and the cutest picture on Google images.

Damien Katz is a developer. He invented CouchDB (currently a project hosted under the apache umbrella) and put much traction on the nosql “movement”. But what’s more important then some tech facts is his very open style to actually talk … Continue reading

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Dion Hulse (dd32)

Name: Dion Hulse Profile: Dion Hulse on Nick: dd32 IRC: dd32 Trac: dd32 Aka: -/- Commit Access: ca. 2010-01-12 Birthday: 25 Sep 1987 Topics: Filesystem; Transports; Plugins References Homepage: blog:// Photo: Source DD32, whatcha gonna do? – WordPress Development … Continue reading

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Andrew Ozz (azaozz)

Name: Andrew Ozz Profile: Andrew Ozz on Nick: azaozz IRC: azaozz Trac: azaozz Aka: Mr. Visual Editor Commit Access: ca. 2008-07-15 Topics: Visual Editor / TinyMCE References Homepage: – Website run by Andrew Ozz Blog: Andrew Ozz on WordPress Interview … Continue reading

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