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CSS character escape sequences, more on the CSS3 selector syntax (STTS 3 Profile Specification) at W3C.

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List of Online PHP Codepads

Yes, there are some. Looking for a PHP version? I was looking for a PHP 5.1 codepad (run PHP code online for test purposes), but was not able to. I remember there was one, but I have not found it. … Continue reading

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WordPress: Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file (Wordpress-Users are excessive somehow, that site is still in beta and three pages of answsers.) There are tabs for sorting: Active, Oldest and Votes (top-right below the question) – more…

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Ajax/PHP Command Shell

The Ajax/PHP Command Shell by Ironfist is a simple PHP script that let’s you execute shell commands easily in case you don’t have a SSH login. Homepage: AJAX/PHP Command Shell URL: Works like a charm, includes history and a … Continue reading


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Resource Expert Droid – Analyze HTTP Requests

The Resource Expert Droid – or Redbot in short, is an online tool to analyze HTTP requests. It provides decent information about response headers and the request headers can be configured as well (javascript required).

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