Plugins (WordPress)

Some plugins compatible with WordPress I have released (most often related to my blog):

  • Admin Quicksearch – Real-time search the Menu and Plugin lists on your blog’s admin / dashboard.
  • Better HTTP Redirects – WordPress core gives a shit for the HTTP recommendations when it comes to redirects (as some other apps as well). This plugin takes care.
  • Chrome Frame – Public masturbatory in front of a wordpress core committer.
  • Comment Link Count – Encountering problems with the way wordpress counts the links in your blog’s comments and falsely rates it as spam ? Then this plugin is probably something for you.
  • Goodbye Dolly – Say Goodbye to Hello Dolly.
  • Memory Limit – This plugin did not finish as the wordpress core code is broken in such a level, that a plugin can’t fix the wordpress memory problems at the moment. I’m waiting for the minimum changes this needs in wordpress core to have this fixed w/o patching.
  • Normalize URLs – The SEO secret weapon. Team-player with Better HTTP Redirects. You might not understand what it does and then cool URIs don’t change. But that might have been before your time. Join the party 🙂

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