Admin Quicksearch

Download Admin Quicksearch v0.2.2 (latest stable)| WordPress Plugin Repository | Trac

Admin Quicksearch adds a quick search-field to the admin menu and the plugin table(s). Zero-Configuration-Plugin, just activate and it’s installed. Can be uninstalled by removing the files from disk, no settings are stored.


  • Searches instantly while you type.
  • Automatically opens matching main menus.
  • Search Term Highlighting
  • Free

More Info


Version Date Notes
0.2.2 26 Mar 2011 Bugfix Release (Download)
0.2.1 25 Mar 2011 Maintenance Release (Download)
0.2 17 Mar 2011 Maintenance Release (Download)
0.1 17 Sep 2010 Maintenance Release (Download)
0.1-alpha 17 Sep 2010 Initial Release (Download)
-/- 16 Sep 2010 Setting up SVN
-/- 15 Sep 2010 Incubation Process

6 Responses to Admin Quicksearch

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  4. spaced says:

    your search plugin looks nice but I’m looking for more deem search of admin part – drafts, source code (if selected) and all the settings in admin interface.
    maybe you know such search?


  5. Thangaraj says:

    Wonderful plugin. The search box has now moved a little to the right after wp 3.2, would be good if that can be placed at the top left corner again 🙂

    • hakre says:

      Yeah, the current version is not compatbile with WP 3.2. I was trying to get it into the admin bar, but last time I tried I was not able to. Need to revise it again, but can’t say when.

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