Normalize URLs

Download Normalize URLs v1.1 (latest stable) | WordPress Plugin Repository

Normalize URLs makes your blog to play more nicely the HTTP standards regarding URLs. Dual Mode Plugin, can be used as a standard Plugin or as a Must-Use Plugin.


This plugin fixes multiple problems at once. It does so by normalizing every request that is send into your blog so that the different areas like canonical URLs, Permalinks and third party plugins directly benefit from more consistency.

  • Fixes various problems at once.
  • Makes your blog more compatible with HTTP, the protocol for any Website.
  • Full HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliance.
  • No need for you to wait for core updates.
  • Even 3.0.1 will not fix all of the problems this plugin fixes.
  • Free.

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Version Date Notes
1.1 21 Jul 2010 Bugfix Release (Download)
1.0 21 Jul 2010 Initial Release (Download)
-/- 21 Jul 2010 Setting up SVN
-/- 20 Jul 2010 Incubation Process

See Also

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4 Responses to Normalize URLs

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  2. Chris says:

    What can I do if Google search index all site links on my blog like this

    I use Custom Structure : /%postname%/%category%/%day%/%monthnum%/%year%.html

  3. I was opened an idea:

    Still problem is not solved. I see some solutions like:
    but prefer a plugin that handle non-latin chars.
    Can you implement some changes to your plugin to help to fix those problems? possible?

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