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The Greatest PHP Value

Just two days ago I asked a PHP-quiz-question in the chatroom on Stackoverflow, something along the lines: PHP: Which one is greatest? PHP has a comparison operator to compare if one value is greater than the other (>). Which one … Continue reading

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How foreach actually works

How foreach actually works – PHP internals nicely explained by NikiC

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PHP list(), Strings and Array Access

Array-Access on strings (not the SPL this time) goes that far in PHP when thrown against a list(): That will output: “A, B”. Okay great. For more, imagine this then: Which will output: “AB, A, B”. It’s only array access, … Continue reading

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Indirect Modification of Overloaded Element of … Has No Effect

I just ran into that one yesterday by playing around doing some runtime analysis. I started some XDebug-Like output for Hooks and it looks pretty well so far. Now I’d like to know where Hook’s Callbacks were registered prior to … Continue reading

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