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Broadway – GTK+ Applications within your Browser

Broadway is a backend for GTK+ 3 which targets HTML 5 compatible browsers (renders in a browser). This is experimental, but looks really nice. I like the Idea, chapeau!: Read On: Broadway update 3 (by Alexander Larsson; 18 Apr 2011); … Continue reading

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Title belongs into Head

Whatever type of website you create, take care you put the <title> on top of the <head> (add this to your quality-control checklist). As most web-browser don’t support to copy the title-line easily (I guess that’s because of how in-accessible … Continue reading


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CSS Tests and Cheatsheets

Are you sure that selector is working? Better target your audience of browsers by checking some CSS-Tests first. I compiled a little list as of a start: Cheat Sheet / Overview CSS contents and browser compatibility – Quirksmode compatibility tables. … Continue reading

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