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Composer Clear Cache

It’s one of the best kept secrets of popular PHP dependency manager Composer: How to flush composers cache. You normally don’t need it, however if you create some composer.json and you want to put it to a test, this can … Continue reading

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Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code

Just a small link to the blog-post Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code which describes a concept on how to cache most-frequently pages of a webapp via an nginx reverse proxy for a rel. short time-frame … Continue reading

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Disable Firefox DNS Cache

I found some quick and easy way (two settings to add in about:config) on how to disable DNS caching in Firefox: If you have tons of Firefox windows with even more tons of tabs open like me and being in … Continue reading

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Nginx front-end proxy cache for WordPress

A how-to by Dan Collis-Puro “geek of all trades” on optimizing your WordPress MU install, using Nginx as a front-end proxy cache for WordPress: We put an nginx caching proxy server in front of our wordpress mu install and sped … Continue reading

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