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Ellislab, you’re doing it wrong

The following is part of a mail that’s circulating to authors and copyright holders of contributions to the Codeigniter software: If you are able to certify your prior contributions to CodeIgniter and wish to leave them, no reply is required … Continue reading

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EllisLab: Copyright not by work but per File

In their run for re-licensing the CodeIgniter codebase under OSL (which in itself looks violating the shared authorship copyright as a whole as it has not yet been clarified with all authors and copyright holders in concrete), in a blog … Continue reading

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CodeIgniter goes Copyleft with OSL

As I know some WordPress related developers are using CodeIgniter (CI) as well, I think it’s worth to share: It’s true that CodeIgniter needed some simpler to handle license, but the outcome so far looks rather devastating and is paralleled … Continue reading


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