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Coding Standards that ain’t one

Developer Quiz: What are coding standards that do not get applied?

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Docblock comments and more in code guidelines / standards

In the recent WordPress Coding Standard discussion it was clear that mutliple scenarios are not handeled. While doing more and more WP developmet these days, the list of stuff grows so it’s good to collect and to write them down. … Continue reading

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Coding Standards Summary of the last Week

The last week gave us some more feedback regarding the wordpress coding standard. In general the current standards seems accepted, but some areas were highlighted in comments where problems might arise with the current definition (this list is also a … Continue reading

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Twig PHP template

Marketing is often referred to black magic. Looks like within the PHP Community some coders know how to deal properly with it when you see this list of adjectives for the Twig template language (isn’t that a template engine?): Twig, … Continue reading

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WordPress Coding Standards – How to go on?

I would love to see that we make our developer’s lives easier while doing WordPress. One step to do so is to offer a clear coding styleguide and to apply it on the codebase. Because for most of the code … Continue reading

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