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CSS Selector to XPath conversion

While playing with a parser experiment that fully supports the CSS selectors syntax and the discovery of the Selectors API I started to think about the transformation from CSS selectors to XPath. Sure I’m not the only one, so I … Continue reading

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CSS character escape sequences, more on the CSS3 selector syntax (STTS 3 Profile Specification) at W3C.

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QueryPath PHP Library to deal with XML/HTML esay CSS-like access and manipulation. Code available at Github.

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Not that bad: Kickstart & Kickstart for WordPress. Via: wezfurlong style.

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+1: “Mozilla Document Center is by a stretch my favourite. It’s a rapidly growing wiki-based documentation […]. The HTML, CSS and Javascript documentation is really excellent, and going there directly often beats googling.” – via: Het Bijstere Spoor

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Disable Stylesheets in Internet Explorer

Microsofts Browser, the Internet Explorer, is somehow hated by Webdesigners and Developers throughout the world. But still there is discussion over here and there whether or not to support the Browser any longer, for example version 6. I won’t go … Continue reading

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QueryPath – Find your Way

QuerPath is another PHP library for working with XML and HTML. Licensed under LGPL/MIT it self-announces it with the following features:

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Google Font Directory – A Dive into

We’re closer to a better Web-OS these days. Fonts, Codecs and all the gems to come: Google Font Directory just started (official Google Blog Post).

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Tweak Internet Explorer 6 for todays use

I didn’t knew this great Setting for years: As describben in the MSDN, with a simple registry tweak you can disable stylesheets in Internet Explorer 6. Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main Name: Use StyleSheets Value-Type: REG_SZ Possible Values: no or yes Set … Continue reading

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Mozilla Jetpack

If you’re a webdeveloper you sometime might have dreamed about creating your own Firefox extension. But you might never wanted to learn all the Details of XUL and XPI. Well, no need to do so any longer with the Mozilla … Continue reading

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CSS Selector Code Smell

3-2-1: Grab your QC environment and get ready for CSS today because it just does not makes sense to write a CSS Selector like these: Example 1: A bogus selector. Example 2: Can make sense The first example is pretty … Continue reading

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Helium CSS: JavaScript Library to test your CSS usage

All those CSS lines still in use? I’m asking this to myself from time to time when dealing with older sites that evolved over the years. Going through by hand and then? No way Helium CSS to the rescue!. It … Continue reading

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CSS Tests and Cheatsheets

Are you sure that selector is working? Better target your audience of browsers by checking some CSS-Tests first. I compiled a little list as of a start: Cheat Sheet / Overview CSS contents and browser compatibility – Quirksmode compatibility tables. … Continue reading

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