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Rich Hickey: Deconstructing the Database (Video, ca. 1h)

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WordPress Database Charset and Collation Configuration

Pootzko over at this years new Q&A site for WordPress Administrators and Integrators was wondering why creating database tables via wpdb->query() / SQL didn’t reflect his worpdress collation settings. As it was not obvious for him, I thought about writing … Continue reading

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WPDB include problems in wordpress 3.0

From time to time my brain remembers me that there is a major bug within wordpress in case of the re-instantiation of the wordpress database class. When a replacement class is in use, the original WPDB one will get re-created … Continue reading

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mysql_real_escape_string and SET NAMES

In #11819 I was so hardly looking for a clear documentation for mysql_real_escape_string() combined with the usage of SET NAMES. I finally found it where I should have looked first: within the MySQL manual. PHP is using the MySQL client library … Continue reading

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