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Getting the Vagrant in the Box (Fedora 17)

This post is about installing a useful development tool to play with systems and configurations in a virtualized environment on your fingertips. Want to test your WordPress with a completely differnt web- and database server? Maybe running a proxy in … Continue reading

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Getting BennuGD on Fedora 13 to run.

I was in the mood for some pixel games and surfing the web. I had a stop by Before We Were Dead by Neotron. They have quite a lot of games based on BennuGD. But on my Fedora 13 system … Continue reading

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Ddccontrol and Fedora 14

I wanted to give Ddccontrol a try under Fedora 14. It did not fit the job in the end but was a nice practice for me to understand installation of programs of which no package exists. That can be tricky … Continue reading

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Fedora 14 PHP Development Setup from Scratch

I’m currently setting up a new Fedora 14 development box. For documentation purposes I’m writing down my way of setting it up and it’s probably worth for others. I was pretty confident with a Fedora 13 + Eclipse setup so … Continue reading

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