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Mozilla fails where it does best

Something must have passed QC on the mozilla web team that shouldn’t. Ever tried to download Mozilla Firefox from their homepage with a opera browser that has javascript disabled? You don’t get even a statical link offered that could lead … Continue reading


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Firefox 4 feels great so far (Updated 1x)

Quicker released then I expected and then I was even courageous to update suit. Some add-ons got deactivated, I hope they come back soon but the overall experience is very nice so far. Yeah the software has a overall good … Continue reading

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Disable Firefox DNS Cache

I found some quick and easy way (two settings to add in about:config) on how to disable DNS caching in Firefox: If you have tons of Firefox windows with even more tons of tabs open like me and being in … Continue reading

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Mozilla uses WordPress as a Blog

Mozilla Foundation, head of state for webdeveloper’s most wanted browser platform, the flamy foxy, is using wordpress as their blogging platform. Did I mention their nice webdesigns they use on their site since ages? Mozilla has a long tradition in … Continue reading

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Test: Firefox’s new Plugin Container Process

With the latest / since Firefox 3.6.4 plugins are run in their own process. That’s great news because it will help to gain more stability. And it opens a lot of new possibilities. For example you can create your own … Continue reading

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Supporting Free Software while surfing

Are you or your friends using Amazon from time to time to buy something? And do you feel in the mood to support the Free Software Foundation? And are you using Firefox or it’s GNU-Pendant Icecat or weasel? If you … Continue reading

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Mozilla Jetpack

If you’re a webdeveloper you sometime might have dreamed about creating your own Firefox extension. But you might never wanted to learn all the Details of XUL and XPI. Well, no need to do so any longer with the Mozilla … Continue reading

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