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Git Committer Date is Author Date (Amend)

Amend the last commit (HEAD) and set the committer date as the author date – as “–committer-date-is-author-date” may have done (a git-rebase option): GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”$(git show -s –format=%at HEAD)” git commit \ –amend -C HEAD (Explainshell) Git Author Date is Committer … Continue reading


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Speedpills 4 Linting PHP Files in Parallel

Quite some time ago I’ve already written about linting PHP files in the shell / build. Even though parallel linting is fine, when the code-base is growing larger and larger, the build becomes slower and slower. A slow build sucks. … Continue reading

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Git – Set the Author Date to The Committer Date of a Recent Commit

Ah gosh that one commit has the author date just too far off, but if it would be the same as the committer date, that would be fine… Locate the commit when rebase interactively and mark for edit. Then go … Continue reading

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Commandline Source Fixes Foo

From time to time I need to cleanup source trees. Today I needed to do that again, here are some command liners to get some work done. If you’re on Windows, all you need to do to get these running … Continue reading

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Just a little follow up to Your Guide to Composer in WordPress as I was stumbling over while surfing (and equally short just for the log): Bryan Petty (tierra) was so kind to mirror the WordPress Source/Development branch on Github, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Websites’ Environment

I needed to put an older site under git version control and I wanted to be able to at least semi-automatically publish that site to the webserver. This is an old project for very good friends. Time to put it … Continue reading

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PHPStorm: WI-12547 Paste multiple commands into Command Line Tools Console

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IDEA/PHPStorm: IDEA-64024 Git submodules should be supported

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PHP on Heroku, again

Setting up a PHP project for the Heroku platform is straight-forward if you know how. The information is a bit scattered, that’s why I write my own little post about it so I don’t have to remember this my own … Continue reading

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PHPStorm: WI-10191 PHPStorm commits w/o asking first when sharing repository on Github

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Revisiting Git, Github, and the wordpress.org plugin repository

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Mjam! git cherry-pick

Each day you didn’t know about how to use git-cherry-pick is half a developer’s day. Kind of my feeling after this week has passed. It allows to take one commit from another branch and add it to the current branch. … Continue reading

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If you want to google up an SVN command and you type in GIT instead … you know you’ve made a switch. By #16525

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Fedora 14 PHP Development Setup from Scratch

I’m currently setting up a new Fedora 14 development box. For documentation purposes I’m writing down my way of setting it up and it’s probably worth for others. I was pretty confident with a Fedora 13 + Eclipse setup so … Continue reading

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Git for WordPress development

Linked: Nicolas Kuttler has a nice post about Using git for WordPress development which is a How-To with some additional comments. Basically about interoperability between git and the wordpress plugin repository which is SVN: https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/. Read On: Revisiting Git, Github, … Continue reading

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FluentDOM now on Github

EOL for SVN in the FluentDOM project, it moved over to GIT and github: http://fluentdom.github.com/. The SVN repository is not updated any longer according to the website. FluentDOM is a very usable PHP library for DOMDocument traversion and manipulation. Next … Continue reading

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Git Rocks!

Period. I’m currently traveling around and be it in a train or airplane or just on a offline remote-site: Git, a decentralized version control system, is like a present I’ve never asked for. It does work de-centralized, which means you … Continue reading

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