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Just a little follow up to Your Guide to Composer in WordPress as I was stumbling over while surfing (and equally short just for the log): Bryan Petty (tierra) was so kind to mirror the WordPress Source/Development branch on Github, … Continue reading

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PHPStorm: WI-10191 PHPStorm commits w/o asking first when sharing repository on Github

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Ten Lessons from GitHub’s First Year by Tom Preston-Werner via Wikipedia. Read on: Another older article of him is Looking back on Selling Gravatar to Automattic, which is somewhat related to starting early. Further on: Git Rocks! (28 Sep 2010; … Continue reading

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Common MVC Interfaces in PHP

Interested early adopters might want to follow some additional public repositories at github. Looks like there is some initiative to streamline PHP interfaces for diverse PHP based MVC implementations. Namely Zend Framework and Symfony. Name of the baby: FIG. Short … Continue reading

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FluentDOM now on Github

EOL for SVN in the FluentDOM project, it moved over to GIT and github: http://fluentdom.github.com/. The SVN repository is not updated any longer according to the website. FluentDOM is a very usable PHP library for DOMDocument traversion and manipulation. Next … Continue reading

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Git Rocks!

Period. I’m currently traveling around and be it in a train or airplane or just on a offline remote-site: Git, a decentralized version control system, is like a present I’ve never asked for. It does work de-centralized, which means you … Continue reading

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