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Relative URL (#2) HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Just yesterday I had a post about the dot in the beginning of relative URLs. Today I have a small addition to that: Two dot path segments in an URL/URI. It’s some more detailed thing related to the history and … Continue reading

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Relative URL HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Another one for the HTML/ XHTML Code Smells: If you’re using realtive URLs inside your documents (which is pretty valid and can save you some bandwidth as well as it can save some hassles for mirroring a website) you should … Continue reading

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CSS Tests and Cheatsheets

Are you sure that selector is working? Better target your audience of browsers by checking some CSS-Tests first. I compiled a little list as of a start: Cheat Sheet / Overview CSS contents and browser compatibility – Quirksmode compatibility tables. … Continue reading

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Script and Style HTML/ XHTML Code Smells

Remember the time? Grabbing the copy of the HTML 2 RFC, reading through within the afternoon and you started to understand where this all might lead to after some time.  Seeing 3.2, 4.1 and XHTML 1.0 passing this finally ended up … Continue reading

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Keep the fluent flow: From time to time you find exceptional libraries out there. This posting is about one I got pointed with the finger on while being on a PHP unconf last year and I must admit that I … Continue reading

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