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And more: <angular/>: A Radically Different Way of Building AJAX Apps. http://angularjs.org, github, MIT Licensed. (The older Google Wave Example Youtube Video)

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Mozilla fails where it does best

Something must have passed QC on the mozilla web team that shouldn’t. Ever tried to download Mozilla Firefox from their homepage with a opera browser that has javascript disabled? You don’t get even a statical link offered that could lead … Continue reading

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Disabled Javascript Reminder

A discussion about two weeks ago and messages like this one (see picture) do remind me of the fact that most designers and developers think that users decide about not using javascript for questionable personal motivation only (e.g. Security ). … Continue reading

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WasHTML PHP Library

Noting this down for future reference: WasHTML is a PHP script that allow only safe HTML for web-applications that have to display unsafe data. It washes your HTML from dangerous data like javascript, references to unchecked remote files and forms … Continue reading

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mustache — Logic-less templates.

Another minimalistic template lanugage I stumbeled over: mustache. It’s so reduced it has the tagline “logic-less templates” and really, it is reduced. Reduced in features but not in implementation languages:

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Mozilla Jetpack

If you’re a webdeveloper you sometime might have dreamed about creating your own Firefox extension. But you might never wanted to learn all the Details of XUL and XPI. Well, no need to do so any longer with the Mozilla … Continue reading

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