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jQuery afterText Plugin

jQuery has a hard time dealing with text after something you’ve selected. But now it’s easy thanks to the jQuery afterText Plugin. Just change the text after something with the afterText() function: The difference to after(text) is that afterText(text) replaces … Continue reading

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At Your Fingertips – Just Search Quickly The Long Lists.

Jeffro made a nice post: “Where Are The Settings For That Plugin?” about the problem to locate something in the ever-growing WordPress-Admin-Menu. He is sharing this problem with others. Yeah I know that long menu can somehow suck. So everybody … Continue reading

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Selekturz. They iz serius Bizniss.

I’ve spotted this funny one in a video showing a 12 year old gives an one hour introduction to jQuery. Next to a funny picture, there is more impressive stuff in that outstanding Google Tech Talk: Question: Does jQuery do … Continue reading

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Chive – Webinterface for your MySql Database

Chive wants to offer a more modern webinterface to your MySQL database. It’s doing so by those features: Syntax highlighted SQL Editor Re-Use of Queries by Bookmarks Search while you type Inline Editing for Rows and Tables Supports Views, Routines … Continue reading

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