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Late Static Bindings in PHP Callbacks

No idea if this is ever useful, but just found this not documented in the PHP manual so far (and the Callbacks entry looks already chaotic so I don’t edit it right now): You can write callbacks of static class … Continue reading

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PHP Constant Quiz

I created some little sourcecode and have two simple questions. Quiz is to find answer w/o executing it – let your head be the PHP interpreter. It’s about Namespace, Const and Define: How many constants are introduced? How many warning … Continue reading

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A Primer for PHP 5.3’s New Language Features

Matthew Weier O’Phinney, a guy in the Zend Framework 2.0 developing team, has published an article called A Primer for PHP 5.3’s New Language Features I’d like to link to: For the past month, I’ve been immersed in PHP 5.3 … Continue reading

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Symfony Reloaded

Fabulous Fabien! It’s just inspiring to see what’s scheduled for late 2010. Keep the fingers on the keyboard and grab a sandbox.

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