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Event-driven PHP – Igor Wiedler

Nice talk by Igor at TakeOff 2013: Event-driven PHP – Igor Wiedler.

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Geany 0.21 released!

The news is already ten days old, but better late than never: Geany 0.21 released. Geany is a fine GTK2 based editor, I use it normally for quick PHP writing. Nice PHP lint, shell and manual integration.

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List of PHPMD Rulesets

As I use PHPMD from time to time only (but more and more often) I needed to lookup the default ruleset names from the filesystem. As google is faster than a search on the harddrive, here they are for future … Continue reading

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PHP: Extending stdClass with Closures (plus Visitor)

From the red-wine department: $this remains unresolved so of limited use, but some fun anyway: And before you ask: It’s just that I was wondering the following did not work:

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Have a phunction? Via.

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PHP list(), Strings and Array Access

Array-Access on strings (not the SPL this time) goes that far in PHP when thrown against a list(): That will output: “A, B”. Okay great. For more, imagine this then: Which will output: “AB, A, B”. It’s only array access, … Continue reading

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PHP: Compare vs. Calculating (1/2)

This speed comparison test I’ve made is not of that much interest, but it shows somehow when / how optimization takes place. Those “performance” test are most likely not that valuable for optimizations but to better know the language. I … Continue reading

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PHP Standards Working Group

Whenever you start a new project and make yourself a mind on how to integrate libraries, develop components etc. while you want to consider some third-party libraries or frameworks (or even you think about to develop your own framework), you … Continue reading

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Parsing CSV files with PHP – SPL-Style

There are some CSV (Comma Separated Values) related string and file functions in PHP. But when it comes to deal with CSV files, there is another gem: SplFileObject (PHP Manual) built-in. The class makes it even more easy to iterate … Continue reading

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phpRack is a light framework for automation of integration tests. By integration tests software module run in the production environment to validate configuration and applications setup. Read On: phpRack Documentation

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WordPress 3.0 and PHP 4 – What’s the deal?

I know that more and more wordpress developers are complaining about that coding policy to support PHP 4 in wordpress. Yes, you’re right, it’s pretty much useless these days. And it makes things complicated. But WordPress Development is not done … Continue reading

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Coding Standards Summary of the last Week

The last week gave us some more feedback regarding the wordpress coding standard. In general the current standards seems accepted, but some areas were highlighted in comments where problems might arise with the current definition (this list is also a … Continue reading

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