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Encode a PHP String

Today I updated PHPMyadmin on one of my boxes. Nothing special so far, but I saw that it’s now possible to export data in form of a PHP array. Well I thought that’s somehow nice. But the plugin was broken. … Continue reading

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WordPress Database Charset and Collation Configuration

Pootzko over at this years new Q&A site for WordPress Administrators and Integrators was wondering why creating database tables via wpdb->query() / SQL didn’t reflect his worpdress collation settings. As it was not obvious for him, I thought about writing … Continue reading


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Chive – Webinterface for your MySql Database

Chive wants to offer a more modern webinterface to your MySQL database. It’s doing so by those features: Syntax highlighted SQL Editor Re-Use of Queries by Bookmarks Search while you type Inline Editing for Rows and Tables Supports Views, Routines … Continue reading

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