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jQuery afterText Plugin

jQuery has a hard time dealing with text after something you’ve selected. But now it’s easy thanks to the jQuery afterText Plugin. Just change the text after something with the afterText() function: The difference to after(text) is that afterText(text) replaces … Continue reading

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How to avoid “tight coupling” in a WordPress Plugin?

This was asked today over at Stackoverflow (WordPress Plugin: How do I avoid “tight coupling”?) and I was able to grasp some time for an answer, I thought it’s worth linking it for the interested reader. Sure it can’t answer … Continue reading

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Revisiting Git, Github, and the wordpress.org plugin repository

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Plugin Updates: Admin Quicksearch, Better HTTP Redirects

I have two Plugin Updates available: A Bugfix release for Better HTTP Redirects and a Maintenance release for the Admin Quicksearch. It is now more compatible with WordPress 3.1. Admin Quicksearch now much better supports WordPress 3.1 and 3.0 for … Continue reading

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Admin Quicksearch v0.2 released

A smaller maintenance release of my Admin Quicksearch (WordPress Plugin) has just been committed. The 0.2 release improves the display of the quick-search-text-box and the formal quality of the source-code. Admin Quicksearch speeds up a site owners tasks on the … Continue reading

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WordPress Licensing Issues – Plugins are GPL, Right?

If you thought that the wordpress package you can download from wordpress.org is re-distributable under GPL, then you’re thinking wrong. Why do I say so? Thanks to a ticket opened by novasource, it came to my attention, that the Hello … Continue reading

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Git for WordPress development

Linked: Nicolas Kuttler has a nice post about Using git for WordPress development which is a How-To with some additional comments. Basically about interoperability between git and the wordpress plugin repository which is SVN: https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/. Read On: Revisiting Git, Github, … Continue reading

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Admin Quicksearch Released

Just some update on the Admin Quicksearch Plugin: Inital Release is out. It’s tagged as 0.1-alpha but that’s more because I’m lazy and not because it’s that unstable. It should do the job perfectly already, it’s just, well, grabbed together … Continue reading

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At Your Fingertips – Just Search Quickly The Long Lists.

Jeffro made a nice post: “Where Are The Settings For That Plugin?” about the problem to locate something in the ever-growing WordPress-Admin-Menu. He is sharing this problem with others. Yeah I know that long menu can somehow suck. So everybody … Continue reading

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WP Plugins: How to remove a Filter

Worth to know for wordpress plugin authors: Making your plugin to safely unregister or remove a hook (filter or action) is not possible with the wordpress plugin API. Why? you might ask yourself. Even the name of the remove_filter() function … Continue reading

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Normalize URLs 1.0 released

My latest plugin release fixes multiple core wordpress problems to handle HTTP requests properly at once: Normalize URLs. It does so by normalizing every incoming URL to a form that is to be expected by the wordpress core. That way, … Continue reading

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Plugin Portability: Basename of your Plugin

Plugins in wordpress are to be identified by their so called “plugin basename”. That is basically the filename of the plugins PHP-file if it is placed directly inside /wp-content/plugins or the subdirectory and the PHP-filename. This basename is important to … Continue reading

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Better HTTP Redirects 1.0 released

I just have released a new wordpress plugin called Better HTTP redirects. Well I know the name is not very creative and having “better” in a title does not make it even better. The plugin aims to add more HTTP … Continue reading

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Test: Firefox’s new Plugin Container Process

With the latest / since Firefox 3.6.4 plugins are run in their own process. That’s great news because it will help to gain more stability. And it opens a lot of new possibilities. For example you can create your own … Continue reading

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Supporting Free Software while surfing

Are you or your friends using Amazon from time to time to buy something? And do you feel in the mood to support the Free Software Foundation? And are you using Firefox or it’s GNU-Pendant Icecat or weasel? If you … Continue reading

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Prevent XSS on your wordpress Blog with CSP

CSP – short for Content Security Policy – is a Mozilla driven specification to reduce or eliminate a site’s XSS attack surface. In Ticket #10237 Denis De Bernardy suggested to implement the new Mozilla feature to prevent XSS. That was … Continue reading

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What happened to the “Thank a plugin developer day”?

In January 2009 Matt Mullenweg was somehow overwhelmed because the 4 000th plugin was in the wordpress plugin repository. He was in such a good mood that he announced January 28 to be the official “Thank a Plugin Developer Day”.

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Enhancing Feeds: Power of the Atom

There still is the 2+ years broken RSS 0.92 feed in wordpress (per default ?!). Otto to the rescue: Atom Default Feed. The plugin changes the default feed output to Atom format. Via: #4967

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Must-Use Plugins and Drop-Ins

Just two simple questions: What are must-use (mu) plugins and what are drop-ins? I’ll answer both right away: Must Use Plugins The MU or Must-Use Plugins is a principle that has moved from WordPress MU into WordPress core long before … Continue reading

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Nginx front-end proxy cache for WordPress

A how-to by Dan Collis-Puro “geek of all trades” on optimizing your WordPress MU install, using Nginx as a front-end proxy cache for WordPress: We put an nginx caching proxy server in front of our wordpress mu install and sped … Continue reading

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