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Professional Webdevelopers At Work – Yahoo Mail Endless Redirect Demonstration

So familiar with these 1996 Web-Technologies but not having the time to care in these rushing 201x days as this two minute documentary of an endless redirect-chain shows. Thanks to random URL parameters used to prevent ancient caching woes in … Continue reading

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HEAD first with PHP Streams

PHP has a built-in function called get_headers that will return the response headers. But it has some downsides, like requesting the whole response (and not only the HEAD) and it’s hard to control behaviour for redirects. On Stackoverflow some users … Continue reading

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HTTP Redirect Codes (3xx) and the Location Field

Over the last days some including me have opened tickets in wordpress trac touching the HTTP transport layer and redirection in specific. As with my previous HTTP related review of worpdress, this is getting more and more interesting and detailed … Continue reading

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How to Debug Redirect Problems in WordPress

A nice Sunday over here and time to begin the day with some good news: The Better HTTP Redirects (WordPress Plugin) just got even better! I’ve added some improvement in the brand-new 1.2 version that is a helping hand if … Continue reading

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Redirect Loop Protection for Better HTTP Redirects Plugin

Some wordpress user were concerned about Google webmaster tools giving notice about redirect errors (same page redirects). There is a flaw in the current canonical redirect implementation. That is the part of wordpress that takes care that all your site’s … Continue reading

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Better HTTP Redirects 1.0 released

I just have released a new wordpress plugin called Better HTTP redirects. Well I know the name is not very creative and having “better” in a title does not make it even better. The plugin aims to add more HTTP … Continue reading

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HTTP/HTML: Missing HTTP-Body/HTML on Redirect

This bothers me often: unfriendly redirects.

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Guessing how WordPress works #736: Hotfix via HTTP-Reflection

Is redirect_canonical() the hotfix for wp->query()? Two are candidates for a refactoring anyway.

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