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PHP Autoload Invalid Classname Injection

There are many ways to attack an application, many are working by injecting some malicious data hoping to trigger a deserved action in the end. Most of these are possible when input data is not properly sanitized. This can have … Continue reading

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This page is a test. (Updated 1x)

Clicking on the title or the Continue reading → link below will not crash the process any longer. It’s related to a segfault that can be triggered within worpdress (see #16892).

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PHP Syntax Regulary Expressed

This is not the full PHP Syntax as Regex (which would not make much sense, use the tokenizer instead), but a collection of regular expressions for various elements of the PHP syntax I ran over lately.

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PHP: Curly Brackets Substring Access

I just have another lighter PHP specific Code Smell: Curly Brackets Substring Access. If you’re coding PHP since a longer time you might not only know but also have used curly brackets for index-/char-based substring access.

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