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The true power of regular expressions

The true power of regular expressions is a very well written article by NikiC about PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) and formal language theory (the diverse types in the Chomsky hierarchy of languages). It’s really good to read and gives … Continue reading

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PHP Syntax Regulary Expressed

This is not the full PHP Syntax as Regex (which would not make much sense, use the tokenizer instead), but a collection of regular expressions for various elements of the PHP syntax I ran over lately.

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PHP: Curly Brackets Substring Access

I just have another lighter PHP specific Code Smell: Curly Brackets Substring Access. If you’re coding PHP since a longer time you might not only know but also have used curly brackets for index-/char-based substring access.

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CSS Selector Code Smell

3-2-1: Grab your QC environment and get ready for CSS today because it just does not makes sense to write a CSS Selector like these: Example 1: A bogus selector. Example 2: Can make sense The first example is pretty … Continue reading

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Script and Style HTML/ XHTML Code Smells

Remember the time? Grabbing the copy of the HTML 2 RFC, reading through within the afternoon and you started to understand where this all might lead to after some time.  Seeing 3.2, 4.1 and XHTML 1.0 passing this finally ended up … Continue reading

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