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HEAD first with PHP Streams

PHP has a built-in function called get_headers that will return the response headers. But it has some downsides, like requesting the whole response (and not only the HEAD) and it’s hard to control behaviour for redirects. On Stackoverflow some users … Continue reading

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getallheaders available for FASTCGI in PHP 5.4

Good news. PHP 5.4 – according to docs – will support the “apache alias” getallheaders(). That means, you can get all header values of the request w/o fiddling any longer with server configuration. N1. Read On: What new feature in … Continue reading

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Normalize URLs 1.0 released

My latest plugin release fixes multiple core wordpress problems to handle HTTP requests properly at once: Normalize URLs. It does so by normalizing every incoming URL to a form that is to be expected by the wordpress core. That way, … Continue reading

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