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Git Committer Date is Author Date (Amend)

Amend the last commit (HEAD) and set the committer date as the author date – as “–committer-date-is-author-date” may have done (a git-rebase option): GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=”$(git show -s –format=%at HEAD)” git commit \ –amend -C HEAD (Explainshell) Git Author Date is Committer … Continue reading


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Speedpills 4 Linting PHP Files in Parallel

Quite some time ago I’ve already written about linting PHP files in the shell / build. Even though parallel linting is fine, when the code-base is growing larger and larger, the build becomes slower and slower. A slow build sucks. … Continue reading

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Running PHPUnit under multiple PHP Versions in Git Bash on Windows (+PHPStorm)

Just a quick note as I wiggled through that: To run your unit-tests with different PHP Versions in Git Bash on Windows, there is not much use in changing the PHPBIN windows environment variable to make PHPUnit pick the right … Continue reading

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Mosh (mobile shell), sort of client / server type of screen.

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Ajax/PHP Command Shell

The Ajax/PHP Command Shell by Ironfist is a simple PHP script that let’s you execute shell commands easily in case you don’t have a SSH login. Homepage: AJAX/PHP Command Shell URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ajaxshell/ Works like a charm, includes history and a … Continue reading

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Mysql Batch Mode – Handle Multiple Tables with Ease

MySQL has a batch mode that takes any SQL command from a file: where batchfile contains the sql commands, e.g. one per line. This can save some inter-action. I just wanted to upgrade some web software. But I didn’t wanted … Continue reading

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WordPress Administration Hell

Friday night was a little longer yesterday. I had to migrate and upgrade three wordpress 2.3.x based blogs to a new server. When you look at the version number you can be pretty sure that all those three moves and … Continue reading

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