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Using Assertions with (Legacy) PHP Code

While it was not much advised to use assertions (the assert PHP language construct) prior to PHP 7 due to the fact that it actually eval’ed a string’ed code, these days are gone. This is probably a lesser known fact with … Continue reading

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Coding Standards that ain’t one

Developer Quiz: What are coding standards that do not get applied?

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PHP: Compare vs. Calculating (2/2)

A comment by Thomas Scholz in my (that time one-parted) PHP: Compare vs. Calculating post made me to take a reprise on the comparison.

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PHP: Compare vs. Calculating (1/2)

This speed comparison test I’ve made is not of that much interest, but it shows somehow when / how optimization takes place. Those “performance” test are most likely not that valuable for optimizations but to better know the language. I … Continue reading

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phpRack is a light framework for automation of integration tests. By integration tests software module run in the production environment to validate configuration and applications setup. Read On: phpRack Documentation

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Test: Firefox’s new Plugin Container Process

With the latest / since Firefox 3.6.4 plugins are run in their own process. That’s great news because it will help to gain more stability. And it opens a lot of new possibilities. For example you can create your own … Continue reading

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WordPress Outage Feedback

WP.COM was down the second time this year at the end of last week. Well that’s certainly not a news any longer and good so, the dust of buzz has lowered a bit. What’s interesting about the outage for me … Continue reading

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New Trac Report: {37} Needs Unit Tests [UPDATED]

For the upcomming 3.0 Release there are still some tickets open, but it looks like this is getting closer to release. I just stumbled over a new report, that is listing all with the tag needs-unit-tests. The funny thing about … Continue reading

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Helium CSS: JavaScript Library to test your CSS usage

All those CSS lines still in use? I’m asking this to myself from time to time when dealing with older sites that evolved over the years. Going through by hand and then? No way Helium CSS to the rescue!. It … Continue reading

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CSS Tests and Cheatsheets

Are you sure that selector is working? Better target your audience of browsers by checking some CSS-Tests first. I compiled a little list as of a start: Cheat Sheet / Overview CSS contents and browser compatibility – Quirksmode compatibility tables. … Continue reading

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