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Many stops equal a U+002E full stop

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Protocol-Relative URL/URI/LINK

Note to myself: Protocol-relative URL/URI/LINK – see net_path in Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax (RFC 2396) (updates: RFC 1808), esp. 3. URI Syntactic Components and 5. Relative URI References and then compare against RFC 3986 Appendix D.2. Modifications (obsoletes … Continue reading

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Normalize URLs 1.0 released

My latest plugin release fixes multiple core wordpress problems to handle HTTP requests properly at once: Normalize URLs. It does so by normalizing every incoming URL to a form that is to be expected by the wordpress core. That way, … Continue reading

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Relative URL (#2) HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Just yesterday I had a post about the dot in the beginning of relative URLs. Today I have a small addition to that: Two dot path segments in an URL/URI. It’s some more detailed thing related to the history and … Continue reading

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Relative URL HTML/ XHTML Code Smell

Another one for the HTML/ XHTML Code Smells: If you’re using realtive URLs inside your documents (which is pretty valid and can save you some bandwidth as well as it can save some hassles for mirroring a website) you should … Continue reading

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