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Continued Thoughts on a Websites’ Environment

Yesterday I started to think and look about developing deploying a (typical, simple, PHP based) website and how to manage configuration under version control. After taking some sleep over night the open ends became more clear, also some different approaches: … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Websites’ Environment

I needed to put an older site under git version control and I wanted to be able to at least semi-automatically publish that site to the webserver. This is an old project for very good friends. Time to put it … Continue reading

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Mozilla fails where it does best

Something must have passed QC on the mozilla web team that shouldn’t. Ever tried to download Mozilla Firefox from their homepage with a opera browser that has javascript disabled? You don’t get even a statical link offered that could lead … Continue reading

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WordPress Answers goes Beta

Beta-Time: Just in the middle of the week, a new WordPress Answers Site went into beta. The Beta is currently private, which means that anybody who participated in the incubation process can already use it. The site’s Public Beta will … Continue reading

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