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Just a little follow up to Your Guide to Composer in WordPress as I was stumbling over while surfing (and equally short just for the log): Bryan Petty (tierra) was so kind to mirror the WordPress Source/Development branch on Github, … Continue reading

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The Sky. The Universe. The Missing Unit Tests

Out there in the Universe. Now comparisons get Epic Pictures when it comes to WordPress and Unit Tests: Beta Sagittae. via The Loop. Reminded me of Development By The Numbers – Slides (May 2013; by ircmaxell) having also nice comparisons … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Composer in WordPress and there is WordPress Packagist. I only knew about Composer Installers (incl. WordPress ones) so far.

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The Negative Influence of WordPress on PHP

The current The TIOBE Programming Community Index for July 2013 shows an increase for PHP, gaining grounds fast and as an ongoing trend over the last year: If compared to January 2013, PHP is the fastest climber with an increase … Continue reading

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PHP on Google App Engine – Quick First Review

This is fresh out of the news (Ars; Wired; WHIR; VB), and what Google wants to offer looks like a very cool package. So if you hadn’t had the time to view the video, here is a quick summary and … Continue reading

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The case against Singletons in WordPress

The case against Singletons in WordPress

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Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code

Just a small link to the blog-post Microcaching: Speed your app up 250x with no new code which describes a concept on how to cache most-frequently pages of a webapp via an nginx reverse proxy for a rel. short time-frame … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Websites’ Environment

I needed to put an older site under git version control and I wanted to be able to at least semi-automatically publish that site to the webserver. This is an old project for very good friends. Time to put it … Continue reading

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WordPress: #20801 Deprecating PHP4-style constructors gracefully

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FYI: The WordPress 3.3 XSS vulnerability has been addressed in a changeset on 30 Dec 2011, wordpress 3.3.1 has just been released. (3.3.1 changes/Announcement).

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How to avoid “tight coupling” in a WordPress Plugin?

This was asked today over at Stackoverflow (WordPress Plugin: How do I avoid “tight coupling”?) and I was able to grasp some time for an answer, I thought it’s worth linking it for the interested reader. Sure it can’t answer … Continue reading

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Will Automattic join Dec 29 move away from GoDaddy day?

With all the reports about SOPA and GoDaddy (Mashable, PC World, ars technica, Read Write Web, VentureBeat, …) I was wondering if Automattic, one of GoDaddy’s customers, has been taking note of selfprodigy’s reddit posting: I’m suggesting Dec 29th as … Continue reading

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WordPress: Vulnerability Statistics (CVE)

WordPress : Vulnerability Statistics (via CVE Details)

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Revisiting Git, Github, and the wordpress.org plugin repository

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WordPress Memory Limit fixed in 3.2

It sounds a bit like an irony of fate: Requisite for the upcoming WordPress 3.2 release are improvements in resource usage and maintainability: Speed, Performance, less memory, better tested (WordPress 3.2, the plan: faster, lighter). And this truly is of … Continue reading

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Roots (WordPress Theme) via Tavern.

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For the log: http-authentication 3.0

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WordPress 3.1.1 is out! (Updated 1x)

wordpress-3.1.1.zip (sha1: 0b11bbc4f031ba1d22a6451efe1e7b9c5bb4713b; md5: bed9478dc64233ee3f63a2359c805d76) Version is since yesterday even, and the package available for download (see release archive) but the blog of wordpress.org is missing the news. Well trust the terrain, not the map. Happy blogging. Update: WordPress.org now … Continue reading

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Plugin Updates: Admin Quicksearch, Better HTTP Redirects

I have two Plugin Updates available: A Bugfix release for Better HTTP Redirects and a Maintenance release for the Admin Quicksearch. It is now more compatible with WordPress 3.1. Admin Quicksearch now much better supports WordPress 3.1 and 3.0 for … Continue reading

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Not that bad: Kickstart & Kickstart for WordPress. Via: wezfurlong style.

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