Hakre’s devlog, thoughts and rants on wordpress on wordpress.com. And (web) design related. And (web) development related. My weapons of choice are Netscape 2.01, HTML, CSS, PHP and the Gif Construction Kit.

You can find out more on my codex page.

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You can mail me anything you see fit, however unpaid support or coding requests will get silently deleted.


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  1. http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12361

    When i try to set permalinks to russian chars, there is no problem. for example changing about page permalinks to примерно

    But when i try to change permalinks to turkish chars, wordpress strips those characters. Why? Is it bug? if its not a bug, this is a big issue about being international. tried those chars: şŞ İı Ğğ Üü Öö çÇ

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