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PHP MVC with Tom Butler

In the PHP chat a link got passed around (see “Deploying MVC on the web” below) and I thought it’s worth to link the multiple MVC related articles by Tom Butler. He is one of those persons who actually leave … Continue reading

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Architecture the Lost Years (Robert Cecil Martin; 4 Nov 2011)

Did worldwide Hypertext turned software developers out in the field upside-down? In Architecture the Lost Years (1h 06m) Robert C. Martin talks about the web and how it influenced development design decisions in the last decade(s). Is the system the … Continue reading

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When Flat PHP meets Symfony

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Common MVC Interfaces in PHP

Interested early adopters might want to follow some additional public repositories at github. Looks like there is some initiative to streamline PHP interfaces for diverse PHP based MVC implementations. Namely Zend Framework and Symfony. Name of the baby: FIG. Short … Continue reading

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Twiggy Miggy Ziggy Biggy

Some days ago I posted about Twig, an open PHP template language. I have not added much detail nor discussion about Twig in that short post. In “In Response to Fabien Potencier: Twig & PHP Templating“, Eli White another PHP … Continue reading

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