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Docker Run without “docker run”

So there was this one question on Stackoverflow in which the OP was linking an .htaccess tester for Mod-Rewrite-Rules. Despite this being all fine I was asking myself what about really(tm) testing this? So I remembered the rewrite-log from the … Continue reading

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Speedpills 4 Linting PHP Files in Parallel

Quite some time ago I’ve already written about linting PHP files in the shell / build. Even though parallel linting is fine, when the code-base is growing larger and larger, the build becomes slower and slower. A slow build sucks. … Continue reading

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Ajax/PHP Command Shell

The Ajax/PHP Command Shell by Ironfist is a simple PHP script that let’s you execute shell commands easily in case you don’t have a SSH login. Homepage: AJAX/PHP Command Shell URL: Works like a charm, includes history and a … Continue reading

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WasHTML PHP Library

Noting this down for future reference: WasHTML is a PHP script that allow only safe HTML for web-applications that have to display unsafe data. It washes your HTML from dangerous data like javascript, references to unchecked remote files and forms … Continue reading

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Resource Expert Droid – Analyze HTTP Requests

The Resource Expert Droid – or Redbot in short, is an online tool to analyze HTTP requests. It provides decent information about response headers and the request headers can be configured as well (javascript required).

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Apache 1.3 Default 300-307 Server Responses

I had run a testscript (see below) that is a bit whacky but working to gather server responses somehow automatically to get a servers default answers. It is written in PHP and needs curl to be available and a server … Continue reading

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